Maggie Kubley  is a Chicago based artist whose work focuses on song, video, comedy, slideshow, and solo performance to explore femininity, sex, consent, depression, addiction and their various intersections. A child of the conservative midwest, cornfed a steady diet of late 90's/early 00's sexism, Kubley's work is a razor-sharp reflection on growing up too loud to be the chill girl and too much of a dork to be Grrl Power. 

Influenced by the hits of Max Martin, the self-portraiture of Cindy Sherman and the provocative performance art of Peaches, Kubley uses pop sensibilities to craft dynamic multimedia performance pieces. From the confusing moments of her teen years to the hard-to-swallow truths of her 30's, Kubley blends humor, song and unexpected imagery to encourage her audiences to embrace the community forged through the acknowledgment of past embarrassments and trauma.



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